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Use the four-year academic pathways for each UMBC major/program listed below as a resource for major exploration and development of an individualized degree plan.

Please note that these academic pathways are sample pathways. Students, in consultation with their academic advisor, will create an individualized degree plan, reflecting their academic preparation, interests and goals. Students are strongly encouraged to develop an individualized degree plan by no later than 45 credits earned and to update the plan regularly, in consultation with an academic advisor.

For complete information on degree requirements, reference the Undergraduate Course Catalog (catalog.umbc.edu).

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Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning - B.S.

Degree Requirements
Total Academic Credits:
Major Credits:
Min. Upper-Level Credits:
Min. Cumulative GPA:
§ indicates Benchmark requirements
‡ indicates Gateway courses
Curriculum Notes
  • This sample plan assumes no AP/IB/CLEP or transfer credit, foreign language proficiency up to the 201 level and a math placement level of MATH 151
  • All students must complete a credit-bearing English and Mathematics course in the first year of study
  • Gateway Course Information: advising.coeit.umbc.edu/gateway-information/computer-science-gateway
Year One
Fall Semester Credits
CMSC 201 Computer Science I (grade of B or better required) § ‡ 4
MATH 151 Calculus & Analytic Geom. (MATH GEP) 4
Foreign Language 201 4
ENGL 100 3
Total 15
Spring Semester Credits
CMSC 202 Computer Science II (grade of B or better required) § ‡ 4
MATH 152 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II 4
CMSC 203 Discrete Structures (grade of C or better required) § ‡ 3
Total 17
Year Two
Fall Semester Credits
CMSC 331 Programming Languages 3
CMSC 341 Data Structures § 3
Science Sequence I (S non-lab GEP, see advisor) 4
Elective 3
Total 16
Spring Semester Credits
CMSC 313 Computer Organization & Assembly Language Programming § 3
MATH 221 Linear Algebra 3
Science Sequence II (S non-lab GEP) 4
Science Lab (GEP, see advisor, credit varies) 2
Total 15
Year Three
Fall Semester Credits
CMSC 304 Social & Ethical Issues in Information Technology (AH GEP, WI) 3
CMSC 411 Computer Architecture 3
CMSC 471 Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) 3
STAT 355 Probability & Statistics 4
Total 13
Spring Semester Credits
CMSC 421 Principles of Operating Systems 3
CMSC 478 Machine Learning (AI/ML) 3
CMSC 4XX Elective (see elective requirements) 3
Total 15
Year Four
Fall Semester Credits
CMSC 441 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3
CMSC 4XX AI/ML Elective 3
Upper-level Elective 3
Electives (minimum of 6 credits; see advisor) 6
Total 15
Spring Semester Credits
CMSC 4XX AI/ML Elective 3
CMSC 447 Software Engineering 3
Electives (minimum of 7 credits; see advisor) 7
Total 13
Advising Coordinator:
COEIT Advising coeitadvising@umbc.edu ITE Building, Room 202-206